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Masters Manufacturing has been at the cutting edge of the metal beer pump clip, sculptured pewter products and the promotional products industry for more than a decade, specializing in the production of quality and unique point of sale and gift items for a wide variety of well known brands and breweries across the UK and international market.

Metal Beer Pump Clips

Based in Yorkshire, all our beer pump clips are hand crafted in house. Beginning with initial design and concept, through to the sculpting of the prototype and the production process of casting and electroplating before finally been hand finished with enamel to create high quality, stunning 3 dimensional beer pump clips, to make your beer stand out from the rest, creating lasting brand recognition and an aesthetic look appreciated by cask ale drinkers.

Promotional Products

In addition to beer pump clips, we also manufacture bespoke sculptured pewter products ranging from key rings and pin badges to plaques and trophies. Again all made from pewter to your exact requirements to produce unique and distinctive gifts and incentives.
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