Beer Pump Clips

  With increasing choice in the cask ale sector it is becoming more important than ever that your beer pump clips grab
attention at the bar to drive your sales effort and reflect the quality of your beer.
We are the UK’s only manufacturer of hand crafted beer pump clips made from English pewter, a material which allows us to produce highly detailed, 3 dimensional clips that are distinctly different from the standard materials traditionally used in the industry.
This provides a unique offering in both style and quality of your beer pump clips that helps create a premium look to your brand identity, producing an eye catching point of sale and most importantly making your beer stand out.
Our beer pump clips are made completely in-house, cast from the finest English pewter, then electro-plated using a combination of copper, nickel and gold.
Before the final stage of enamelling by hand to create a vibrant, high gloss finish, with each stage of production carefully controlled to ensure the highest possible quality.
Click on an beer pump clip for more high definition, multi angled images.


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